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Your business constantly requires new technology to stay competitive. We source and deliver proven business software to help you create a better service for your customers, provide cost advantage and grow faster than ever.

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Our Approach


Built from the Best

Built from the Best

Our portfolio focuses on marketing technology and team organization solutions with proven track records and clear advantages over trending methodology.


Hand Selected

Hand Selected

All brands in our portfolio pass our rigorous inclusion criteria. We fill our portfolio with business tech solutions that deliver on their promises with repeatable results.


Future Friendly

Future Friendly

We care for our clients, and continue to monitor critical KPIs and maximize their impact. We continue to provide effective business technology as we discover further innovation being created by young companies.


Business Solutions That Work

Powered by innovation from around the world

We put innovation on the market. We source the best business technology for our portfolio, and inform our clients how to benefit from it. We use social selling to get directly in touch with key decision makers to bring change faster.

How we started it

The rate of adoption of new technology has to be increased if we are to benefit from the new discoveries of our technological pioneers. In a cafe in Barcelona, 3 entrepreneurs of the IESE Business School, joined minds to tackle this head-on, and from it, Innovation Collider was formed.

We created Innovation Collider, a business software marketplace powered by social selling


Fascinating technology is being discovered and created all around us, and we look to secure those innovations that best serve our clients needs. Our current portfolio focuses on marketing technology that:

  • Creates awareness
  • Sparks consideration
  • Secures conversations
  • Creates loyal customers
To help our clients understand that business drivers and potential benefits of new technology, we have created a socially powered marketplace to deliver change to those in our network.

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How can we help you?

“Tell us your story and we will determine if there is any new technology for you to benefit from. We help improve marketing and acquisition funnels with the implementation of new technology.”


Innovation Collider

Business software that works

powered by innovation from all around the world

Who are we?

Our team consists of 2 entrepreneurs from the IESE Business School in Barcelona. We share a love for technology, and the opportunities it creates for the future. Innovation Collider was created to spread these opportunities.

Adam Piotrowski

1 Member

Adam's innate passion for math, technology, and business has lead him to an intersection: the delivery and use of technology for complex problems. Adam also has a background in consulting with PwC and KPMG, and private equity in the telecom industry.

During the IESE MBA program Adam helped many start-ups at Startupbootcamp in Barcelona on financials and product strategy.

Jurek Ciecierski

2 Member

Jerzy has a passion for bringing development to growing markets, having previously worked in the Polish, English, and Emirati banking sectors with HSBC. His current priority is to continue to developing economies by creating the right local opportunities.

Having graduated for IESE, Jerzy looks to use the inspiration he gained at IESE’s MBA program to develop local communities.

Our Mentors

4 Member

Carlos Garcia Pont

Carlos García Pont is professor in the Marketing Department and director of the MBA Program at IESE Business School. His work places special emphasis on the importance of alliances in understanding competitive strategy, the organizational needs of market-oriented organizations in industrial markets and subsidiary strategy in global corporations.

He has also done work in the areas of strategic management and marketing strategy. Prof. García Pont has had extensive experience with both local and multinational organizations in his consulting activities.

4 Member

Markus Maedler

Markus earned his undergraduate degree in Germany, his MBA in Spain and his Ph.D. in Accounting at New York's Columbia University. Prior to his academic career, Dr Markus Maedler gained ten years of international work experience in banking, consulting and public administration.

His teaching has reached professionals, managers and top executives from around the globe participating in MBA, EMBA, GEMBA and open executive education programmes as well as custom programmes with corporate clients like Haniel, Rabobank and Dow Chemical. Dr Markus Maedler’s research interests focus on the intersection of accounting information and control systems with organisational design, corporate distress, turnaround and restructuring as well as risk management.

4 Member

Janusz Dedo

Mr. Janusz Dedo has been the President of the Management Board of HSBC Bank Polska S.A. since August 2005. Mr. Dedo served as the Chief Executive Officer and Country Manager of HSBC Bank Polska S.A. Mr. Dedo served as a Deputy President of the Management Board and Member of the Management Board of Bank Polska Kasa Opieki Spólka Akcyjna (Bank Pekao SA) from 1998 to 2004. He was responsible for the retail banking division. Until July 2006, he served as the President of Bank PEKAO Ukraina Ltd. He served on Global and Regional Boards of the MasterCard organisation. For many years, Mr. Dedo has been a member of the Polish Bank Association's Council and since June 2011 also the President of the association of Polish private employers of banks and financial institutions. He started his career at the Instytut Gospodarki Swiatowej (institute of world economy), assessing international commodity markets. Since June 1987, he was employed at the National Bank of Poland in the office of cooperation with the World Bank. He serves as a Member of the Supervisory Board at Budimex SA. Mr. Dedo is a graduate in economics at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Mr. Dedo is a U.S. government scholar at the University of Minnesota.

Not for Profit Organizations

We are happy to help non-profit organizations at reduced rates. Please get in touch with us to learn more.

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Regardless of age or experience, what defines ambassadors is the constant drive for helping companies navigate among new technologies and oportunities.

Our community of dedicated brand developers was formed to help businesses around the world take advantage of locally brilliant technology.

Required Skills
A general business understanding of how to create value
Industry Expertise
Willingness to help companies thrive

We bridge the gap between countries by providing local knowledge, market intelligence and physical presence to deliver the best value to our clients and partners.


Our team is from all over the world and we know how to deliver from miles away

Tell us your story and we will find a way to better engage your customers, create additional value and help you solve critical problems.

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