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Current challenges facing Citi Handlowy

For individual customers

Expand services to Citibank’s customers with new technology

Precise Segmentation

Create directly relevant offers by better understanding your customer’s evolving behaviour and current life events.

Efficient Communication

Appeal to your customers using modern communication tools, such as on-location messaging, beacons, mobile applications. Discover and reinforce effective messaging with multi-variant testing

Secure Biometric Authentication

Offer customers the convenience of biometric authentication such as fingerprint logins, while maintaining the strictest of security controls

Our Approach to Client Segmentation and Retargeting 

Understand the needs of each individual client in order to offer personally relevant financial products

Effective Segmentation is only part of the solution. Effective use of business intelligence necessitates using this knowledge in a timely manner to enhance current marketing efforts. React quickly to changing behaviour with pertinent offers

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1 Gather the right Business Intelligence

Tap all available sources for existing data, and focus on the changes in behavioural patterns. Create external IDs for each customer, without linking them to invasive, personal information. Avoid processing individual details, such as personal addresses and phone numbers, by refining the data to approximate locations. 

Relevant changes in the Data include:

  • Users making more frequent logins

  • Users ceasing to login

  • Users review specific offers or promotional content

2 Enrich the Data with External Sources

Increase the prognostic power of the neural network by connecting existing data with other databases and sources of intelligence. Through our enrichment API, understand your clients better by learning about the cities they login from, the local market specifics, such as population and growth trends, and which smart-devices they are currently using. 

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3 Combine the data and Probe for insight

Combine customers with similar behaviour into clusters. Engage clusters directly with surveys, questionnaires, and direct conversations, probing for deeper insight and understanding..

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4 Generate reactive offers

Understand noteworthy signals of behavioural change, and respond to newly emerging needs. Relevant signals include major life-events, such as the intent to purchase property or a car, planning parenthood, being promoted, or undergoing a change in career. 

Signals are a powerful tool used to deliver corresponding Just-in-Time Advertising.

5 Refine using A/B and Multivariate Testing

Condense the learning process, and limit mistakes. Use modern automated testing tools to emphasize effective marketing, while simultaneously minimizing mistakes and limiting inadequate messages. Small, statistically representative samples enable a quick analysis of what resonates with your customers, leading to higher satisfaction and conversions.

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The Complete Solution to Deep Learning

Deep.bi is a modern data platform for corporations, gathering and evaluating campaign and audience data in realtime. Deep.bi offers a lightweight solution for the collection, integration, storage, and analysis of data.

Data-enthusiasts gain access to a Deep-Learning AI, and the ability to work with highly customizable datasets - all from the comfort of a browser window. Deep.bi helps leverage and optimize vast amounts of data, making campaigns more cost-efficient. Deep.bi helps rate users, sales and communication channels, and leverages machine learning to create accurate predictive models. 

The SaaS-based data model solves the costly and sluggish process of maintaining in-house, big data solutions.


A robust and complete solution to deep learning and customer segmentation

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2) Communicate Effectively

In a modern, mobile world

A great way to catch your reader's attention is to tell a story. Everything you consider writing can be told as a story.

Great stories have personality. Consider telling a great story that provides personality. Writing a story with personality for potential clients will assists with making a relationship connection. This shows up in small quirks like word choices or phrases. Write from your point of view, not from someone else's experience.

Great stories are for everyone even when only written for just one person. If you try to write with a wide general audience in mind, your story will ring false and be bland. No one will be interested. Write for one person. If it’s genuine for the one, it’s genuine for the rest.

Create a Unique Experience

Treat each client as an individual, and make each conversation central to their operations. Recent developments in deep-learning and customer tracking will allow you to refine segmentation to an infinite degree, effectively treating each client as a unique segment.


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A seamless experience

Allow customers to direct the flow of the experience, by providing options to skip, opt-out, or provide feedback on non-functional mobile interactions. This provides key diagnostic information to uncover potentially problematic communication, and define evolution vectors


Our understanding of the Modern Mobile-First Strategy in one picture

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Consider inviting users to install your app even if they are not your customers

Sparking awarness about your banking app is easier than 

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The Communication Toolkit for the Mobile Era

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Design, Test, and Implement

Create entire communication campaigns, Implement robust multi-variant testing to refine the messaging, and push trigger-based campaigns, all from within the toolkit.

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Send distinct messages to users based on their location

Entering or remaining at a specific location can disclose customers’ intentions. Address those intentions immediately by taking advantage of LeanPlum’s geofencing capabilities..

Beacons allow for even more precision

LeanPlum is 100% beacon-ready, instantly enabling innovative location based campaigns. Beacons use low-energy Bluetooth, and can be used to enable a variety of location-based campaigns aimed at upselling and cross-selling relevant financial products.

Beacons compliment location-based messaging, particularly when geofencing services are either not available, or blocked by the user.

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A/B test all aspects of the customer experience (including the UI of your app!)

LeanPlum allows you to programmatically test and change the overall design, layout, menus, and more. Optimize target KPIs by testing across all design elements without engaging in costly redesigns.


happy clients

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Robust Biometric Solutions

Integral for the delivery of a seamless and engaging mobile experience

Selecting the right solution for Citi’s needs

Choosing the best option is a daunting task, especially given the profusion of available options. Allow us to search for the best technology to fit Citi’s distinct requirements. 

Working with Innovation Collider to locate the most relevant biometric solution will avoid revealing purchase intention to the competition, enabling Citi to capture a competitive advantage for longer. Additionally, this helps to protect Citi’s negotiating position with potential vendors. 

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Example project structure

(and timeline)

1) Initial search

(two weeks)

At this stage we would:

  • Compile a list of available vendors that fit your requirements

  • Perform background checks on vendor teams

  • Refine the criteria in identifying a winning team

  • Select & Report on up to 5 candidates

2) Choosing a Winner

(two to four weeks)

At this stage we would:

  • Perform necessary due diligence on the vendor’s technology and intellectual property

  • Negotiate initial contracts to best protect Citi’s long-term interests

  • Prepare implementation schedules

  • Cooperate with Citi’s internal IT and commercial departments in selecting the winning vendor.

3) Implementation

(two months)

At this stage we would:

  • Negotiate the final agreement with the winning vendor on Citi’s behalf

  • Manage the implementation alongside Citi’s internal IT and compliance department

  • Manage feature rollout and adoption through the creation of a risk-mitigation strategy

The Team

Motivated, inspired, respectful and result-oriented

Adam Piotrowski

Adam is a serial entrepreneur, having started 2 previous companies, 1 successfully. His innate passion for math, technology, and business has lead him to an intersection: the delivery and use of technology for complex problems. Adam also has a background in consulting with PwC and KPMG, and private equity in the telecom industry. 

During the IESE MBA program Adam helped many start-ups at Startupbootcamp in Barcelona on financials and product strategy. 

Jurek Ciecierski

Jerzy has a passion for bringing development to growing markets, having previously worked in the Polish, English, and Emirati banking sectors with HSBC. His current priority is to continue to developing economies by creating the right local opportunities. 

Having graduated for IESE, Jerzy looks to use the inspiration he gained at IESE’s MBA program to develop local communities. 

Erik Liepmann

Having moved internationally his entire life, Erik is addicted to new opportunities, and has a passion for implementing sharing discoveries. Reflecting this passion he has accumulated experience from the hospitality, recording arts, and pharmaceutical industries across a variety of functions. 

His most recent adventure has brought him to Barcelona and Warsaw, where the team works tirelessly to serve our clients and bring technology to the forefront of business. 

Our Mentors

and advisors

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