Innovation Directors

Mexico 81

Andres Garcia Ayllon

Spain 37

Carlos Perez Gonzalez

Poland 36

Bernard Gołko

Poland 35

Tomasz Braun

Innovation Advisors

Peru 64

Juan Pablo Caminati

Peru 63

Daniel Reinoso

France 62

Julia Dedo

Spain 44

Erik Liepmann

Chile 39



Brazil 85

Jerzy Górski

Mexico 27

Adam Piotrowski

Colombia 25

Jerzy Ciecierski

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Regardless of age or experience, what defines ambassadors is the constant drive for helping companies navigate among new technologies and oportunities.

Our community of dedicated brand developers was formed to help businesses around the world take advantage of locally brilliant technology.

Required Skills
A general business understanding of how to create value
Industry Expertise
Willingness to help companies thrive

We bridge the gap between countries by providing local knowledge, market intelligence and physical presence to deliver the best value to our clients and partners.